What do you want?!

It seems like we are all fed the “You can be anything you want to be” jive for about the first 12 years of our life. Then for the next 6 years we didn’t really care about anything as long as we’re “cool.” And finally, somewhere around age 21 we began to realize that the path that we have been guided down leads to Nowheresburg, USA!!!


Because wanting anything has never gotten anyone… anything

Let me explain…

When you’re hungry, wanting to eat doesn’t fill you up, eating does. When you feel out of shape, wanting to be in shape won’t get you there. Working out will. You have to take ACTION! Without action we actively become that which we don’t want to be. (makes sense right?)

Now understand, I’m not saying that anything is wrong with wanting. That’s how the iPod was created. Someone wanted to have all their music in one place on the go. But after that, they figured out a way to turn their want into a reality. Then they literally changed the world and we all became raging musiholics who go insane the second our iPods die. (right or wrong?)

Next time you’re talking about the things you want to do or you hear someone else going on about their goals, ask yourself, “What am I going to do to get there?” We were made to accomplish great things and a lot of us are on that road to doing just that. We can never become, complacent no matter how many victories we get on our road to _________. (insert goal destination) It’s a long tough road and many obstacles stand in our way but NEVER GET DISCOURAGED. The reward will be worth a little rejection here and there…

MORAL: Want the stars, but then build the rocket to go! AND DON’T STOP UNTIL YOU GET THERE!

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