The Best Way To Always Win…Everything!

First of all…

Never at any point in time, now or in the future is it acceptable to lose. Avoid it at all cost. Never justify, condone, support, or disregard losing. Losers lose, Winners win!

Now that we’ve established that we are all winners here, we must come to grips with the fact that at some point in time will all be apart of the small end of the score board. Losing has to happen in the life of sports; a score will be kept, and anyone who says different was probably happy with a 5th place ribbon at Field Day.

There is no way to escape the inevitable, but there is a way to deal with it! Instead of focusing in the melancholic, dejected, and rejected feeling we have after a loss, Let It Go!  Thinking about the loss is going to make it disappear. If anything, it will make all the people around you disappear because nobody wants to be around your “woe is me” attitude. Don’t get it twisted though, I’m not saying that you have to accept losing, (I just told you not to do that) but you do have to be able to cope with it in positive ways after it happen and here are 3 ways to do that. They aren’t the only ways nor am I saying that they are the best ways, they are just a few ways that help me…(all I’m saying):

1) Surround yourself with GOOD people: I remember in college after one loss I was sitting in my room in the dark playing some of the most morbid music conceivable.  My brother came in with a couple of the people from next door and they said everything I needed to hear except, “It’s ok!” They talked about everything but the game, then they brought me a bowl of Easy Mac and a Capri-Sun. It was that small act of kindness that was enough to lift me out my wallowing and get me on to step 2.

2) Think about your improvements: After a loss you have to improve, otherwise you’ll find yourself drowning in a pool full of tears again. Continue to practice hard and work on your entire game, but take extra time afterwards to focus on the things you have to do better. If you do that every week for the entire season, when the playoffs/post season play come along you should be in rare form.

3) Know: You Are Not A Loser!: The one point that my first strength coach in college drove home to us was that we were winners. Everything we did we had to win. If you saw him in the middle of the day he’d probably ask you, “Are you winning today?!” After practice we’d go in the weight room and he’d as us, “Did you win today?!” At first I didn’t really understand because I’d say to myself, “We talkin bout practice! Not a game…practice! How you win in practice??” But as I got a little older I began to realize that what he was doing was getting us to adopt a winners mentality. Not that everything is a competition, but that everything we do should be approached with the spirit of a winner. Anytime we step on the practice field or in the weight room and most importantly on the game field we are to step on as winners and do what winners do. Win.

Now this all sounds good because we haven’t considered the competition factor. The person/team on the other side wants to win as bad or maybe more than you. They may be more talented than you and there’s a good chance that 9 times out of 10 you’ll lose this match up. But does that mean you just lay down and let them have their way? Are you going to try less? Heck Naww you aint! As a winner we don’t accept defeat! (I said that before) We know it happens, but that doesn’t stop us from taking everyday by the throat and winning the crap out of it! Every practice, every rep, every second we win. Winning starts with your mindset and continues in your play and in your life. Because Winners win, and Losers lose.

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