So You Stole A Workout??

As a trainer, I have and hear a lot of conversations about fitness. It’s only natural…

But one of the FUNNIEST conversations I hear is when someone talks about taking a workout that they see a trainer using. Out of all the exercises happening around your inner-thigh machine you want to steal my work out?? Word? Ok, this tells me a couple things:

1) You’re probably too cheap to pay for a personal trainer and you can’t afford toothpaste.

2) You obviously lack 8oz. of common sense.

You have to remember that you’re supposed to be watching a “Professional” at work. You don’t watch a Miami Heat game and think you can dunk because Lebron James did it. WHAT IN THE WORLD ACTUALLY MAKES PEOPLE THINK THAT DOING A FEW EXERCISES THAT YOU SAW A PERSONAL TRAINER USE WILL MAKE THEM BETTER??! That’s like walking on to a construction site and picking up a hammer and walk away saying, “I’m gonna build a house with this!! :-D” 
That doesn’t work for a few reasons:
a) You need more than just a hammer to build a house.
b) If that trainer is worth anything of value, the program should be customized to that client and not anyone else. There should be a plan/system in place with progressions and regressions and modifications on exercises. Others can do the same exercises in the same order, but without the strategy behind the workout it will be worthless.  I always hear about custom work outs for each client but I see a lot of the same cookie cutter, latest trend, hottest YouTube video  exercises being used week in and week out. 
I’ve seen trainers have DAY 1 clients. On their first workout EVER, doing stuff like power clean split jerk press, and burpee to row to high pull to front squat push press. 
Really though?! ….smh…
If your not a trainer or into fitness on that level then you may not understand but trust me, there are wayyyyyy more bad trainers than good ones.
MORAL: You can pick up the hammer if you want but you’ll probably just do more damage than anything. If you have a question just ask, I know plenty trainers who love to hear their own voice. 
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