Why settle for good when you can be…(Part 2) ((Goal Setting))

What was the last goal you reached?? What was the last thing you fell short in doing? What was the reason you fell short? Why did you succeed?

Being able to appropriately set your goals can be the difference between getting that 405 on the bench and ending up as the latest fail on YouTube.

Goal Setting is an art form. You have to know yourself and your abilities and the limit of those abilities.

(Story Time)

One of my biggest fails took place in college. We were testing our squats and power cleans and I felt good going in to it. My goals were to Power Clean 285 and to Squat 455. I knew that I was going to smash it. And I did smash the power cleans, but the squat, that was a problem. I started with a warm-up at 315 and went to 335 then jumped to 385 and got up to 405. Now by this time the weight was crazy heavy for me and I should have knew better than to attempt a higher weight, buttttttt, because I’m too ambitious for my own safety, I kept going. 425 was on the bar and I was psyched outta my mind! As I lowered the weight I felt my ego and legs collapse under pressure of the moment. As I picked myself up from the floor, and my pride, I realized what my mistake was. The goal was too large. 

My proverbial eyes were too big for my stomach and I paid the price. After the debacle I assessed the situation and realized that my goal was lacking factors that go into a good goal.

S.M.A.R.T  is what you have to be when setting

S is for specific – You have to clearly state what you want to do. Saying, “I want to lose weight.” is not specific. “I want to lose 17.6% body fat.” That’s specific.

M is for measurable – Is there a way to keep track of your progress? If there isn’t then you need to find one or invent it

A is for attainable – (this was my problem) Is the goal reachable? You have to be real with yourself about what you can really accomplish. It”s cool to want to go to the moon, but if you’re going to try and get there in a mini van you have a serious problem.

R is for relevant – WHY ARE YOU DOING IT??!!

T is for timely – If you don’t put a deadline on what you’re doing chances are you’ll take forever and eventually lose interest.


There you have it! Now you don’t have any excuses to set a goal you can’t reach. Just be real and use a little wisdom!

Now go Win!

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