Why your Detox Cleanse is GARBAGE!!!

Everywhere I look someone is talking about some detox diet or some cleanse drink they made and almost always next to their victory speech over finding the fountain of youth is a picture of some water. Usually with pieces of fruit in it.

First of all let me say that I am not against people being happy. If you want to drink your way to, skinny then be my guess. But let’s set this straight…DETOXES ARE GARBAGE!!!

I know someone out there just said, “But, Dr. Oz said!…” (and that person can leave now) I’m here just to give you all the information you need, and none of the junk you don’t, uncomplicate some things if you will.

I’m going to tell you why detoxes and cleanses “work.

But first…

Detox and cleanse drinks are supposed to boost health and clean out impurities from the body. The alleged benefits of aforementioned drinks include: weight loss, improved skin tone, cleansing of the liver, colon, kidneys etc, aid in waste elimination, greater immunity, cancer prevention, just to name a few. So, it is easy to see why so many people, women and women with mustaches alike, have been flocking to this trend as of late. And you know what, it works for them! It actually works, but not for the reason they think.

I took a shower last night and I used water and washed with soap. I cleaned all the dirt and stuff off of my body. Today is a whole new day and I’m not living in a bubble, I’m going to have to take another shower…eventually Detoxing is the same way. You will have to continue to do it regularly. And that’s not bad but there is a better way.


The reason detoxes work is because you aren’t putting all the normal processed, fatty, salty, sugary, body killing toxins  in your body for a change and it has a chance to do what it was made to do and operate at something close to optimal.

The best way to cleanse your body is to stop putting junk in it! Drink more Water! Eat more whole foods Fruits and Vegetables! AND EXERCISE!!!!

It’s not as glamorous as a mason jar full of cucumber water but it’s better than doing anything Dr. Oz says!

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