The best and only REAL way to lose weight!

I wish I had a nickle for every time someone asked me, “How do you lose weight?” or “What’s some good exercises to lose this?” (as they point and grab at their rotund midsection.) Its like the second people find out that I’m a fitness professional they want “The Magic Secret.” Lucky for them, I’m willing to share the secret. But every time I do, they look at me like I said it in Greek and go on about their life as if nothing was said at all. That’s like finding out the winning power-ball numbers and still playing your momma’s birthday. I’m just here to help as best as I can and if people take help, great, and if not… Oh well…

I was recently involved in another one of these conversations where I was asked for the secret to life. What’s the best way to lose weight? Then, out of nowhere, came this most absurd answer from a person who clearly has never misplaced a pound, more-or-less lost them. “Eat more protein! Dr. Oz says that eating more protein will help you blah blahblah blah blah abbllabbaddyblahblah blah.”

As I cringed and did my best to mask my disgust, I sat and listened to these two middle aged female humanoids cackle back and forth about the rigors of weight loss and finally they came back to me and the original question. I told them, the key to losing weight and never finding it again is a simple one.


It’s really that simple. But to help you understand it better lets look at it like this: There are about 3600 calories in one(1) pound. Everyday, your body has a set amount of calories that it will burn no matter what. This is called your Resting Metabolic Rate or RMR. There are many factors to consider that affect the RMR such as, age, weight, and activity level.  The average RMR for a male who’s not an athlete is about 1,800 and for non athlete women it is about 1,400. This means that if your a sedentary male and you just sit on the couch and watch Love and Hip Hop all day, you will burn 1,800 calories just to stay alive. Now, the reason a lot of people gain weight is because they eat everything and never consider what their putting in their body. Their body is going to but 1800 calories but before the day is over they have consumed  upwards of 3500 calories. That’s a daily net of +1700 calories. Multiply that by 7 days and you get 11,900 calories or 3.3 pounds per week. Of course it seems a little extreme but this is where we are America.

To create the caloric deficit, you have to burn more calories than you take in. If you want to be on point, you can find a RMR calculator on Google. Then just watch what you eat. You can’t want to lose weight and still enjoy a Big Mac. You have to limit the crap food you take in and eat more whole foods. More fruits and vegetables. More lean meats like chicken breast, fish, and turkey meat. So if your RMR is 1600, and you eat 1800 calories and then exercise and burn an extra 800 calories you have a net of 1000 for the day with a deficit of -800. Over a week that equals 5600 calories burned or, 1.5 pounds per week LOST. Who wouldn’t want to lose 1.5 lbs per week?!

The other point here is that it takes massive amounts of discipline because you’re not dieting, you’re changing your lifestyle and family, friends and co-workers won’t care about your goals, they’re still going to bring you all the cookies and cupcakes that are so detrimental  to any eating plan. There is no magic skinny pill! You can’t drink a skinny drink! There are no short cuts! What you want is a high goal and it takes hard work to reach it!

There you have it, the million dollar secret, the key to life, the fountain of youth. Do with it what you will.

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