Weight Matters…

Not too long ago I read an article by a mother who said that she doesn’t care if her daughter, “gets fat.”


We all know that as a parent, if you’re a good one, you’ll love the child no matter what physical condition they grow up to live in. I’m not here to bash that momma because that’s not my place. How she feels toward her child is her business and God bless her.

Her main premise for the article was the fact that she didn’t want her daughter’s self image and self esteem to be dictated by a number on a scale and she wanted her daughter to grow up and feel good about herself and be happy no matter what. She did, however, kinda lead off by saying that she doesn’t know another 3 year old who loves apples as much as her daughter and that she wants her to continue to eat healthy and be active as she gets older. But, if she got fat, it wouldn’t matter because she’d still be a good person and numbers on a scale don’t matter.

Now, the one thing she said that got to me was that someone who is “fat” can still be “healthy.” I don’t totally disagree, but if you’re unbuckling your pants after every meal, you might be headed down a rough path. Being fat does not mean you’re completely unhealthy and going to die in 2 years, BUTTTTT, being overweight does have negatives. Yes “skinny” people have health issues, I’ve never been over 12% body fat and my doctor said I have high cholesterol. But if it weren’t for the active lifestyle that I live, things could be worst.

This is the point. While no number on a scale should tell you how to feel about yourself, it should be an indicator of the quality of life you’ll possibly live. Being overweight brings several complications that will make life…well, suck.

It predisposes you to complications like:

I can understand a parent when they say that they don’t care if their kid gets fat, they’ll still love them and they can be happy. Good, but also realize that on some level, you’re kind of saying that you don’t care if you child gets high blood pressure, heart disease, or have a stroke. Of course there are those who disagree but if I gave my 5 yr old niece a marker and left the room, at some point I’m prepared to scrub some marker off the wall. Things happen. Would I love her less? No, but I don’t wanna scrub marker off a wall!!


MORAL OF THE STORY: Love people no matter what their body type! But don’t support bad health precursors. Do all you can to live a healthy active lifestyle and live a better quality life.

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