Why fast fat loss = Faster fat gain…

You see it all the time, “We get the THE FASTEST results!” or “This program will help you drop belly fat FAST!” 

Stop Stop Stop Stoppp….

I want you to think about this for a second.

When someone reaches “success” fairly rapidly it seems like they fall just as fast. Or when kids are given what they want the second they ask for it, doesn’t it seem like they treat it like they never really wanted it? They’ll play with it or use it for a few days, maybe a few weeks, but before long it’s lost, broken, or mistreated.

Now think about yourself and your job. You go to work everyday and punch the clock and put in 8+ hours of your life for what seems like not enough money. When you get your check, if the money doesn’t add up to the hours worked you’d be slightly upset, no? You want what you work for. And you want it all!

When you have to work for something, when you have to grind and sacrifice, you tend to cherish and appreciate the reward more and you’ll do more to keep it.

Fitness is the same way.

How many people do you know who went and got a surgery done and had all the fat sucked out of their face and back?

Now how many of those people have a fat back again?

I know a few, and my theory is because they didn’t have to work their new figure, they didn’t do what was needed to maintain it. All they did was take a nap and when they woke up they weren’t eating and BOOM! they were getting skinny.

I think that all fitness pros need to eliminate, “fast results” from their sales and marketing terminology.

I don’t want to train people who are in it just for a “quick result” or a “fast transformation.” Because there will be rapid changes in the body  once you go from never exercising to exercising 3 days a week. Those aren’t the results I’m working to get. Those aren’t the results that you’ll appreciate. Those aren’t the results you’ll do all you can to maintain.

After you put in work for 4 or 6 months and lose inches and begin to be more toned, (I hate that word) you’ll be more likely to protect the work you’ve done. Those are the people I like to train. Those who know it will be a journey, not easy, but it will get done!

After all, who will do more to protect their money? The man who won millions by playing the power-ball, or the one who built his business from the ground up and made it a multi-million dollar business?


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2 comments on “Why fast fat loss = Faster fat gain…
  1. ChiroJoe says:

    Daniel, I’m really liking the blog. I find myself nodding my head as I’m reading each sentence. Keep spreading the good word

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