Don’t read this sitting down!!


The act of exercise is an esoteric concept to most. Fitness aficionados postulate that moving heavy things, sweating, breathing hard, and suffering from the DOMS phenomenon will make us healthy and live long lives. But the general public isn’t moved by any that. Actually, they aren’t moved by anything and that’s why America’s rate of obesity is rising  faster than PSY’s views on Youtube.

When you think about it, humans weren’t made to live sedentary lifestyles. We used to have to chase, hunt, climb, and race to get our meal. Now all we have to do is drive up to a window, sitting down, order a half of cow…I mean, a triple whopper, eat it sitting down, and then succumb to the “itis.”  Fast food is like that one girl that everyone “knows.” Your hungry, it’s easy to get to, you think you know what you want, but by the time you’re done you realize what a mistake it actually was to eat out on this day.

We were designed to move and when we submit to the technology enhanced, no need to go anywhere lifestyle, we suffer the consequences.

Just by adding more movement to your day you can reverse the curse! It may not be 90 minutes in the gym or a INSANITY video or a 5K, but just get up and move! PLEASE! Take the stairs, park farther away from the door, what ever you have to do to “inconvenience” yourself to move more, DO IT. Start by making the small changes and eventually you’ll change your life.

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