One thing to never say to me…EVER! (pt.1)

Ahhh, the time has finally come. Time to aid in the shut down of one of the largest myths perpetuated in the fitness industry. Time to tell the people what has been said before but hopefully, this time they listen. Time to tell you…


(I wish there was a bigger font to fully express my emotion right now.)

Please don’t ever ask me how to get your arms “more toned” or how to “tone” your abs. EVER!!! 

I will laugh at you. In your face. Seriously…  Sorry I’m not sorry. (Kanye shrug)


The only time you should mention anything about tone to me is if we’re discussing music, art or nonverbal communication. THAT’S IT!

TO BE CLEAR: Muscles cannot be “toned.” Either they are. Or they are not! You can’t turn fat into muscle and muscle will not turn to fat. You can burn fat off so you can see the muscle that’s there and you can build muscle to see better definition but only if there’s no fat obstructing the view.

It’s really shameful that this word has been tossed around for the last 25 years and it seems like its starting to pick up steam in our ultra health conscious, mega obese American culture.

Fitness pros know what you mean when you ask, “how do I tone this?” (as you hold up your arm and shake it)

The thing I’m trying to tell you is that instead of saying you want to be toned, say you want to lose fat and build lean mass because that’s what you’re essentially doing. Plus, you’ll save a fit pro a headache.

Come back for part 2 when I’ll tell you HOW to get the look you’re talking about when you say you want to be …. -__- “toned.”



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One comment on “One thing to never say to me…EVER! (pt.1)
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