The SECRET Weight Watchers won’t tell you.

In the last few years Weight Watchers has become one of the leading weight loss companies in the country. They’re affordable and the plan is easily understood. They provide support and instruction when you need it and the biggest reason they have grown is because it works!

Plain and simply put, Weight Watchers is a viable option, that really does work,  for people looking to lose weight and not sacrifice “good food.”  We have seen the before and after pictures, all the commercials, and more, (and ironically less) of Jennifer Hudson than we expected to see after Dreamgirls.

But what has separated Weight Watchers from Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem? Weight Watchers have figured people out. They know something about you that you don’t know. They know that people lack self control. Now this doesn’t apply to all people. Just the ones who are overweight and can’t seem to be seen without a fork or cupcake in their mouth.

The way Weight Watchers works is, you sign up and tell them your goals. They will set a points goal for you to meet or stay under everyday and then you lose weight. So lets say that your points goal for a day was set at 150. You can’t go over 150 points. How do you know what your score is for the day? Weight Watchers assigns point values to food. An apple may be 2 points, a celery stick may be -12, and a big mac might be 100,000. (these don’t reflect actual point values) Now your goal is to eat what ever you want just as long as you stay under your points for the day.

Simple right!? You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. No calorie counting, no weighing your food, just eat and watch the weight vanish just like Michelle Williams career after Destiny’s Child

The concept behind “points” is really calorie counting and portion control. Two things many people don’t like to do over a long period of time.

But do you really need Weight Watchers? I say no.!

You can lose weight without the help of a special system or a daytime t.v. show Dr. All it takes is hard work and dedication.

Hard work when you’re working out. Not going easy because you’re just starting out and you want to ease into it. With that frame of mind the day will be far off before you push yourself. So from day 1, push yourself. You’ll never know how much you can do if you never try. Dedication to the plan is most important. If you’re supposed to workout 3 days a week, stick to it! If you’re not supposed to eat cupcakes and white bread, don’t do it! Never break or sacrifice your long-term goals for a moment of satisfaction!

You have the tools and the resources to get the help and information you’re looking for. And there’s always someone like me around to help also if you need it!


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