#MotivationMonday ft. @CjBeatty44

This post features a video from a friend of mine, pro baseball player, Cj Beatty. Cj has literally been around the world and has an awesome message. This particular video from his weekly “Motivational Nuggets” series, (new episodes every Wednesday!) is dealing with your “why.” We all have a reason WHY we do the things we do. In the fitness world it’s no different. You have to be motivated by something other than the material things you can gain. There has to be a deeper motivational fire to get up and workout everyday. There has to be more reason to stick to your eating plan than posting “healthy food” pictures on Instagram. That reason is your why! The reason I have this blog is to give you health/fitness/workout information without the lies and propaganda that has flooded the industry. I want to create a place that you can come to and always know that the info you’re getting is honest and the real deal.

So, Whats your WHY?



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