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#MotivationMonday ft. @CjBeatty44

This post features a video from a friend of mine, pro baseball player, Cj Beatty. Cj has literally been around the world and has an awesome message. This particular video from his weekly “Motivational Nuggets” series, (new episodes every Wednesday!) is

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What you need most in life…

Hey, Hello, Hi! It’s funny how many people I come across and they just aren’t equipped for life. It’s like they get up every morning and brush their teeth, wash their face, get dressed and look ready to tackle the

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Why you will ALWAYS BE 2nd Place! #MotivationMonday

I saw a shirt once that said “Lazy But Talented.” I can’t begin to describe the anger I felt. I was LITERALLY angry because this company was promoting the one mindset that has perpetuated the locker-rooms of so many high schools in

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Be A FORCE!!! #MotivationMonday

Well, I’m thankful to be here for the start of another week, but there is no doubt that there will be those who will complain till their face falls off because its Monday. I really don’t like those people. The

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What were you expecting?? #MotivationMonday

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been asked, “Why am I sore after my work out?” “Why is exercising so tough?” Whine…Complain…Whine…Complain…Whine…Complain.. SUCK IT UP!!! If you are exercising you have some goal in mind.

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