Why personal trainers will die broke and lonely…

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a “fat” person. The only reason I called them fat was because that’s the word they used to describe themselves and I have a issue with the whole, being “politically

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Why fast fat loss = Faster fat gain…

You see it all the time, “We get the THE FASTEST results!” or “This program will help you drop belly fat FAST!”  Stop Stop Stop Stoppp…. I want you to think about this for a second. When someone reaches “success” fairly rapidly

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Weight Matters…

Not too long ago I read an article by a mother who said that she doesn’t care if her daughter, “gets fat.” C’MONN SONN!!! We all know that as a parent, if you’re a good one, you’ll love the child

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How weightlifting changed my life…

If you ask most people about me and my personality, most will say that I’m a good guy, I love God, and some may even go as far to say that I am a good leader. Now if some of

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Carbs, Fats, Protein, and the Truth

Let’s get textbook proper for a minute… Understanding weight management is really a simple concept, but the media and fitness industry has complicated it so much that you have to question everything that you hear. Granted, we should be somewhat

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Why you will ALWAYS BE 2nd Place! #MotivationMonday

I saw a shirt once that said “Lazy But Talented.” I can’t begin to describe the anger I felt. I was LITERALLY angry because this company was promoting the one mindset that has perpetuated the locker-rooms of so many high schools in

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The best and only REAL way to lose weight!

I wish I had a nickle for every time someone asked me, “How do you lose weight?” or “What’s some good exercises to lose this?” (as they point and grab at their rotund midsection.) Its like the second people find out

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