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The SECRET Weight Watchers won’t tell you.

In the last few years Weight Watchers has become one of the leading weight loss companies in the country. They’re affordable and the plan is easily understood. They provide support and instruction when you need it and the biggest reason

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What you need most in life…

Hey, Hello, Hi! It’s funny how many people I come across and they just aren’t equipped for life. It’s like they get up every morning and brush their teeth, wash their face, get dressed and look ready to tackle the

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Why personal trainers will die broke and lonely…

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a “fat” person. The only reason I called them fat was because that’s the word they used to describe themselves and I have a issue with the whole, being “politically

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Why you will ALWAYS BE 2nd Place! #MotivationMonday

I saw a shirt once that said “Lazy But Talented.” I can’t begin to describe the anger I felt. I was LITERALLY angry because this company was promoting the one mindset that has perpetuated the locker-rooms of so many high schools in

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Coming Up!!

Coming up this week I have another lineup of useful, relatable, informative, health and fitness information and motivation for your life. Some topics include: -The REAL reason why you’re sore after tough workouts. -The psychological effects of exercise. – 4

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What do you want?!

It seems like we are all fed the “You can be anything you want to be” jive for about the first 12 years of our life. Then for the next 6 years we didn’t really care about anything as long

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The Best Way To Always Win…Everything!

First of all… Never at any point in time, now or in the future is it acceptable to lose. Avoid it at all cost. Never justify, condone, support, or disregard losing. Losers lose, Winners win! Now that we’ve established that

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